Benefits of telemedicine

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

As people take on more responsibilities; time has become a valuable commodity that is in short supply. Meeting a doctor in-person can take a lot of time and may involve taking hours off work, arranging childcare, travelling long distances, and spending hours in a waiting room. These disadvantages against in-person appointments have made telemedicine or virtual appointments a popular option for patients. Consider the following benefits of telemedicine:

  1. Better care – Distance can mean that patients have limited healthcare options. Virtual appointments help to reduce geographical barriers and fulfil the shortage of healthcare providers in an area.
  2. You need not take time off work – Taking time off work to visit a doctor can be difficult with work commitments. Telemedicine will let you schedule your appointment at a time and venue convenient to you.
  3. No travel costs – Spending hours in traffic plus the added costs of fuel and parking, can increase the costs of a doctor’s visit.
  4. Childcare – Organizing childcare to meet your doctor’s appointment can be costly. Telemedicine will allow you to see your doctor in the comfort of your own home while taking care of your children.
  5. Reduced health risks – Doctors’ offices can be full of germs, increasing your risks of developing another illness.
  6. Better health – When scheduling and meeting a doctor is easier, appointments will be made as soon as a health concern arises. Treating your illness sooner rather than later can mean faster healing and better treatment options.
Francis Dunn

Francis Dunn is from Miami Florida. He works as a data engineer and clinical analyst in the biotech industry. For the past 25 years he has focused on improving the world of healthcare using disruptive technologies. At DMDconnects, Francis Dunn discovered new ways to create revenue streams while managing enterprise clients. He was able to triple the size of client service teams while keeping the sales force motivated to win.

Top 10 Practices for Coronavirus Safety – By Francis Dunn

Article by Francis Dunn

  1. Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing; use technology to connect widely;
  2. Positive family time—working to counter negativity;
  3. Exercise and physical activity, daily if possible;
  4. Remember the things that you really enjoy doing, that you can do in this situation, and find a way to do them;
  5. Clear routines and schedule, seven days a week, at home—don’t go overboard;
  6. Alone time, outside if possible, but inside too; but remember, don’t isolate;
  7. Bathe daily, if possible, to reinforce the feeling of cleanliness.
  8. Learning and intellectual engagement—books, reading, limited internet;
  9. Limit exposure to TV and internet news; choose small windows and then find ways to cleanse yourself of it;
  10. Focused meditation and relaxation;